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Active Member of the IABSE

Member of the Structural Engineering International (SEI) Journal Editorial Board

The SEI Editorial Board is responsible for the review and selection of scientific and technical articles for the IABSE's quarterly journal.

Chief Reviewer for the SEI Special Edition of Nov. 2019 on “Extending the Design Life of Structurally Deficient Steel and Composite Bridges”, in collaboration with Dr. Charles-Darwin Annan.

Permanent Member Spanish National Group

The National Groups are, in their field of influence, responsible for the active support of the objectives of the Association and develops their own activities, such as conferences, publications, and design workshops.

Member of the Permanent Committee (PermC) representing the IABSE National Group.

Co-chair of the Bridge Design Work Shops, which is held annually since 2014.

Member of the Task Group 5.1 on Forensic Engineering

The primary missions of IABSE TG5.1 Forensic Structural Engineering is:
a) to mitigate structural failures by sharing knowledge of technical, human and organizational causes of failures.

b) to enhance the improvement of forensic structural practices, by sharing knowledge of methods and techniques related to forensic investigations.

Guest Member of the Task Group 1.5 on Performance-Based Design Founded on Lessons from Bridge Failures

This task group has for mission to mitigate and control the risk of collapse of bridges in designing and long-term life cycle planning throughout the process of an in-depth analysis and assessment of the available information regarding failures and their consequences.

Member of the Scientific Committee (SC) for the following Congresses/Symposia

- 2014 Madrid (Spain) and also member of the Executive Committee
- 2015 Geneva (Switzerland)
- 2019 Guimarães (Portugal)
- 2019 New York (USA)
- 2020 1st Online Conference (Japan, China, Korea)
- 2020 Christchurch (New Zealand)
- 2021 Ghent (Belgium)