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Values for a Robust Partnership

My Business Values

My foremost core values are integrity, honesty and reliability leading to a robust partnership.

These core values are supported by my technical competency (background and professional experience at TYLin International and Arup), capability to address complex multidisciplinary projects, with respect and openness.

It is also important to maintain a global sight vision into the project´s objective, in addition to having a clear understanding of each team member´s role within the project and the overall organization.


Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland)
Civil Engineering Degree

University of California at Berkeley, UCB (Berkeley, USA)
Master of Science

Imperial College London Business School (London, UK)
Master´s module in Business Economics

Professional Licenses

PE (CA and AR, USA) and NCEES

OIQ (Québec, Canada)

ICCP (Spain)

Dipl. EPFL (Switzerland)

Projects Completed


Travelling Days per Year


Spoken Languages


Profesional Licenses

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